Dan's Finger Drumming Rudiments

So I've been thinking about the basics of finger drumming on Maschine recently. This is one approach that is quite cool:

And watching Zach rock it out on YouTube is always amazing, but it's not really how I want to use the tech. I use Maschine itself to loop a lot, so I don't really need to "keep a beat going with one hand"... actually, it would come in handy, but:

I wanted to create a system of rudiments, like those used in real drumming, to work on basic dexterity. And, like the 13 Rudiments of Drumming, you could probably work on them forever.

I'm avoiding the tie to any particular kit layout, and avoiding suggesting any particular sounds. These are basic dexterity exercises that will work no matter how your vision progresses. I haven't gone beyond Single Strokes yet, myself, so I don't know the benefit, but it certainly can't hurt. I'll report back in a few weeks.