Maschine 2.7.3 Update: Text Breakdown


I've read the Change Log (below) and watched some videos so you don't have to!

What's new? Here are a few important things:

ADDED A LOOP recording mode to the Record tab

When Maschine 2.7 came out, they introduced the "Audio" plugin. But when you recorded, you automatically got your sample playing in a Sampler. As I learned from this ADSR video (at 6 minutes), you can just hit the big button on your MK3 several times to switch between the Audio Plugin (i.e., the looper) and the Sampler, but this is no longer necessary! Now you get another mode for recording beyond "Detect" and "Sync"... Loop Mode. This way you get a Looper right off the bat, which starts looping automatically.

Is this fast enough to actually do this in realtime to "print" one of your kits to an audio loop while improvising? Yes, totally. It's actually pretty fun like that.

Here's a video that shows this from Saint Joe, and hopefully I'll make a video on this at some point soon.

ADDED The ability to enable and disable Audio plug-in playback per Pattern when in LOOP mode.

What? I have some hopes and dreams, but let's see...

Okay, what I thought it might do is untie the loop length from the pattern length, but that's not it.

What it actually does is give you the ability to mute a loop in another way, either by double-clicking the waveform (to toggle playback) or with some incoherent stuff happening in Step mode on the MK3 (it shows four lit-up pads for a two-bar pattern that is playing, but if you touch one of them, it shows none when playback is toggled off).

This is weird and possibly useful, but I don't see what it gives us beyond muting.

ADDED Loading of PerformFX at the end of a Group plug-in chain

This is huge and has been hugely annoying. If you're going to add a Perform effect, you most often want it at the end of the FX chain (unless you had it someplace else before.

Now you can add it anywhere in the chain if you go through browse, or if you shift-select Perform on the MK3, it'll load at the end. Nice!

Ideas mode on MK3 and Studio!

It's like a poor-man's Maschine Jam controller, right on your MK3... seriously, I can't imagine using this myself, ever, but I'm sure I'll figure out what the fuss is all about some day.

Also I should say that I'm realizing that I need to actually make some videos soon. Though this is a really hard space to get any viewers in, I might have some unique stuff to say. But doesn't everybody think that about their own stuff?

Change Log: 2.7.3 — 2018-03-27

Audio Plug-in Improvements.

ADDED The ability to enable and disable Audio plug-in playback per Pattern when in LOOP mode. Double-clicking the waveform will toggle playback for the selected Pattern. Alternatively, the loops can be enabled or disabled via the STEP page on the hardware controllers 

ADDED A LOOP recording mode to the Record tab, and the Record tab is now available for both Sampler and Audio plug-ins. When choosing the new LOOP mode, the start of recording will be quantized to the start of the Pattern. Furthermore, when the recording is complete, the loop will automatically be loaded into an Audio plug-in and will immediately begin playback 

MASCHINE MK3 Improvements.


ADDED Event Editing on MASCHINE MK3 with 4-Directional Encoder. Select, nudge, pitch-shift and change the length of notes with the 4-Directional Encoder in the events window (on hardware screens) 

ADDED Apple Logic DAW Integration for MASCHINE MK3 - Mixer and basic DAW Control. Access Logic Mixer via MASCHINE MK3 hardware (Volume, Pan, Mute / Solo states are visible on screens). Access Essential Controls: Play / Stop / Record, Quantize, Undo / Redo, Automation Toggle, Tap Tempo, and Loop Toggle 


CHANGED It is now possible to record events directly in the EVENTS Page (MASCHINE MK3) 

ADDED Additional Scales from KOMPLETE KONTROL into MASCHINE 

ADDED Loading of PerformFX at the end of a Group plug-in chain 

FIXED An issue that broke Pattern Duplicate on the MASCHINE MIKRO 

FIXED An issue where the MASCHINE Transport Loop would influence Ideas View playback when hosted in a DAW 

FIXED A crash that could occur when zooming horizontally in the Arranger with special characters in Section names 

FIXED Controller hanging when accessing side-chain parameters (PLUG-IN page) 

FIXED Issues regarding renaming Scenes and Sections 

REMOVED 32-bit versions of standalone application and plug-in 

ADDED Velocity Curves to Controller Editor for MASCHINE MK3 

REMOVED The modal dialog at startup that suggests to download sound preview files from Native Access. The preview files are still available for installation in Native Access 

CHANGED Clear Auto now removes Automation Events from the focus Pattern rather than Automation Parameters 

CHANGED KOMPLETE KONTROL MK2: Pressing CLEAR also removes Automation Events (PATTERN page)