Maschine Jam is Lighting Up and Then Shutting Off on OS X

So you connect your Maschine Jam to a new Mac. It lights up when plugged in to USB power, but then the lights shut off. Even MIDI controller mode doesn't work.

The Web is no help, including Native Instruments site itself via Google.

Worse, the Maschine Jam is supposedly class-compliant if you're running OS X 10.9 or above, so no drivers are needed.

But no! You have to run the Controller Editor once and have it recognize the Jam for it to work properly!

If Your Controller Editor gets stuck during startup:

In my run of the Controller Editor, it got stuck at a certain point, and then it would never continue. To fix this, I deleted the contents of

~/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Controller Editor

and then it ran it again.