Maschine Is My Girlfriend

Dan Rosenstark

Dan Rosenstark is the author of MIDI Designer. This blog is the tale of his adventures with his better half, Native Instrument's Maschine, and live-improvised electronic music.

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Maschine Jam is Lighting Up and Then Shutting Off on OS X

So you connect your Maschine Jam to a new Mac. It lights up when plugged in to USB power, but then the lights shut off. Even MIDI controller mode doesn't work. The Web is no help, including Native Instruments site itself via Google. Worse, the Maschi...

How to Back Up Maschine on Mac/OS X

These locations will get you to a new Maschine without redoing much of your Maschine setup. Everything is Here~/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments Library Locations Etc.~/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments/Maschine 2 (specifica...